Images are an excellent way to build your links. And this is a very tough artform, purely due to the fact that it requires a lot of thinking put into it. It requires a lot of creativity, and an excellent sense of balance to be pulled off perfectly.

The old quote “A picture can be worth a thousand words” really does hold true, even today. When you translate this into something a bit more relevant in the expansive arena of digital marketing, it should be “An image can be worth a thousand links!”

Image links work in the same way that normal links do. All you have to do is embed your links on the image. Sounds simple enough right? It’s anything but that! Link building via images is an art form that has to be revered, and done with enough care so that you get the visits on your sites that you’re looking for. The following are ways through which you can build your links effectively!

Know Who Your Targets Are

It is very important that you are able to identify who your primary targets are. Once you do that, it’ll be very easy for you to narrow them down, and hence be able to target them specifically. Nevertheless, there are ways you can identify your targets.

Target Platforms

You need to understand that there are always top websites where you can acquire excellent backlinking from and hence be able to increase the traffic on your website. You need to narrow down, whoever’s writing your content for you, who takes care of the marketing operations, and also what the top pages are, currently for those websites. There are a number of tools that give you a glimpse into that information. These tools will help you get a report that is totally unsubdued. SEMrush, a huge marketing page, has these tools that will get you brilliant marketing insights. SimilarWeb offers a page report that is widely renowned. You can log on to these websites and get to know more as they really are interesting.

Five Good Link Building Techniques

Have Any Old Images that are Popular? Update them!

Browse through your inventory and see if there are any old images of you have created that would have been popular at the time. After this, update them by making a few changes and ensure that they really do appeal to the audience that you’re looking to target. You can also browse through other images from other websites that would have been really popular, and update them. How do you go about this though? A really great way to go about this would be to dig into some of that. Buzz Sumo’s infographics filter helps you enter keywords and it generates infographics for you, completely free. Log on and tweak around for a bit, and you’ll eventually land upon an infographic that you’ll be able to use with links!  

Have Any Content that is Popular? Transform them!

As a digital marketer, you would be aware of the popular trends and content that is going on at the moment. What you should be doing is transforming them into images that you can use on your campaigns, with links embedded on them.

Things to Avoid While Optimizing Your Webpage

Make Your Keyword Research Effective

Let’s now dive into the keyword research part of this really intricate art, and this is really all about understanding the intent behind people searching about the topic or the product or whatever it might be. Something you can do is evaluate keywords with an excellent link intent. Basically, it’s the idea that keywords with statistics or facts after the specified keywords have a link intent embedded into the search query. It’s really effective. If you’re looking to solve a query that somebody has, then it would be excellent if you can add some links which have some value to it, and as a result, it would have this basic link intent.

Another thing you want to evaluate is just anything around images. Do any of your keywords and pictures or photos, etc. have good search volume with some opportunities? Since people now search for images as a standalone, you should be looking to do this as well. With each and every technological advancement you have got going for you, you should make use of it to its fullest. What does that search term that people search for look like currently? You have to evaluate what’s currently ranking to understand what’s working and what’s not. You are not supposed to write any piece of content until there are at least ten search results for those searched keywords. In any case, why would you want to write content until you are absolutely sure that these are the keywords that people search for, and these are getting top search results?

These are some methods that you can incorporate into your marketing strategy to use your images for effective link building. Enjoyed our article? Let us know what you thought about them in the comments section down below!