While you work towards bringing your website on to the top on a search page, here are the things that you should be doing to score well on your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

To make it easier for you to understand the various aspects of SEO:

  1. On page SEO
  2. Off-site SEO
  3. Technical SEO

As a digital marketing expert, it is important for you to understand more about the different types of SEO and apply them.

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What is On-Page SEO?


As part of your website optimization, you will have to take care of on-page SEO activity. The key to on-page SEO activity would be the content. It is important to do detailed keyword analysis and come up with content that is rightly written around the concept. It important to do Keyword analysis, get the volume search details from Google keyword planner and build content around those keywords.

As part of your website development, you should also take care of meta-tags – Meta description, Meta Keyword, and Title of the page.

On-Page SEO

What is off-site SEO?


Off-page SEO are techniques that can be used to increase website authority without even touching your website. With the right strategy, the Google crawler will consider the website as popular, relevant and authoritative. Some of the techniques to be followed to improve off-site SEO are:

  • Guest blogging
  • Press releases
  • Author profile linking to your sites in other websites
  • Acknowledgment links in other websites
  • listing in high authority directories
  • Articles
  • Reviews

With more relevant backlinks in these sites, the value of the website would go up helping search crawlers to bring the website on the top.

off-site SEO

What is the technical SEO?


While you work on the content aspect of the website, it’s equally important for you to take care of every technical detail needed to keep your website up and running.

Website loading speed: A good website should load in less than 5 seconds.

To start with the website loading speed. You have to take care of the number of scripts that are running in the background leading to the slowness of the website. Techniques like minifying Java scripts and CSS, loading above the fold content faster and improving cache can help in improving the speed.

Mobile friendly website: Make sure you build a mobile-friendly website. With more users moving on to mobile, it’s important for you to have a fast loading website

Indexing and crawling: Make sure to use Google search console and submit your sitemap. This will inform Google to start crawling and index your pages. Keep checking the console for any crawl errors that Google throw during its crawl.

Security: Google has made it mandatory now to give a high SEO score for websites that has https or SSL certificate.

Structured data: Following proper website markup to help Google find relevant data during it’s crawling is key to bringing your page on the top during the search.

technical SEO

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