Digital marketing is one of the coolest jobs to be employed under. It involves extensive analysis and a sound knowledge of trending topics on Social Media. But Digital Marketing requires something far more than a basic knowledge of social media and its tropes. His/her primary job is to communicate effectively with clients and in-house workers on how to powerfully promote their respective products. “

          You’re aware of a brief background on what a digital marketer does. But how does his/her day progress? Go through this enticing break-down of the general everyday responsibilities and activities involved in a digital marketer’s life to find out more!


Early Bird

          Digital Marketers usually punch in their attendance to work at 8 in the morning and plan out their entire day over a cup of coffee (usually!). This is done for extensive analysis of what has to be done throughout the day. After fifteen to twenty minutes of this, he/she will go through emails, and reply anything that takes hardly a minute or two to do so.”


          A good digital marketer must know that researching is one of the key aspects involved in getting their strategy ready. This research can be carried out by communicating with anybody and everybody related to the organization.” Additional research can be carried out by talking to customers, getting to know what they want and analyzing how the base company fits clearly into the mix.

          Voracious reading of specific blog topics pertinent to industries and following social medias such as Twitter and Facebook helps the digital marketer understand the market and audience and hence, reach out to them eloquently.




          A digital marketer, on a daily basis has to perform extensive analysis related to keywords which is commonly known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Search Engine Marketing (SEO). By doing this, one would get a clear idea of what words and terms are trending at the moment, and the digital marketer, after thorough research can decide upon a word to use for their campaigns or websites to get placed up higher.

          Another task of a digital marketer related to this would be managing and feeding content into the company’s blog to provide a different mix of content for people who visit the company website. Google’s AdWords and Facebook Ad management is another key component of what the digital the digital marketer does. Companies usually go for paid ad campaigns and the digital marketer will be responsible for all tracking related activity.




           Once they are done with the daily management and tracking of their own websites and blog’s traffic the digital marketer then has to look for insights. The digital marketer will have to go through the click-through-rates (CTR), email marketing campaign open rates, page visits, and bounce rates. Staying on top of the game of graphs and all other numbers involved will really take the marketer to the next level. On the side, the digital marketer also has to tend to any comments or queries that may have come up on the company’s Facebook or Twitter Page, and general queries and concerns on their main website as well.



Coffee Break

          Caffeine is wonderful. One cup before carrying on with further extensive analysis could really help the creative juices flow, wonderfully. With this they can carry on with getting spreadsheets or presentations ready.


          As an effective digital marketer one has to monitor and follow-up all important activities. For example, when a person visits the company website, the digital marketer has to be able to track down how many minutes the person spends on the website before closing it. And even more scrutinizingly, the digital marketer has to track how many minutes a person spends on a webpage on the website. Besides this, the amount of sale conversions is also very important. How many sales sprout out of visits?




          This is one of the most important activities that the digital marketer does. He/she will have to carefully analyze what kind of content works, and what doesn’t. For example, a person would not promote electronic goods, if his/her company sells clothes. An optimal piece of content would incorporate both electronic goods and clothes and fuse it into one piece of content that is logical and makes a tremendous amount of sense.

Tracking KPI

          KPI or Key Performance Indicators are a measurable set of values to find out how the company is performing and how it achieves key business objectives. A digital marketer will have to select the right kind of KPIs and it all depends upon the industry they work for and the type of business it provides. Effective KPIs are focussed upon business processes and functions that the management will see as the most important for measuring progress toward meeting strategic goals and performance targets.


In conclusion, digital marketing is one of the most sought after and paying off jobs you can do. There are a lot of challenges involved as well, primarily understanding what the customer wants and how their thoughts and preferences change from time to time. Capturing the customer’s attention with something new and fresh is also another major challenge involved. To get into the game, you can get a certification on digital marketing, come up with projects, or even get into digital marketing competitions. If all this entices you, this is the pathway you should be heading towards!