This article is based on a case study of one of our clients. This Client sells app for tracking workforce and vehicles targeting small and medium-sized business. 

The B2B digital marketing strategy can be tailored based on whether a business strategy is High volume Low margin Vs Low volume High margin.

High Volume Low Margin

When a business strategy is High volume, the focus is on wider reach. Digital marketing strategy here will be tipped more towards branding. The lead generation will automatically follow suit. 

Low Volume High Margin

When a business strategy is Low volume high margin, the focus is on reaching a highly targeted audience. Lead generation from a niche audience takes the priority.

Digital Marketing Strategy for High Volume Business

1. Continuous Engagement

While focus is on reaching a high volume of a target group, the key will be on continuous engagement. Unlike a Low volume high margin business, this strategy will not place much weightage for customization or personalization. 

Continuous Engagement - Digital marketing for B2B

So, while there is a voluminous addition of customer prospects, it is important to keep them engaged thoroughly. The focus will be to get the customer to “subscribe” or “buy” our services on their own initiative.

Use the “mass campaigns” tactics to keep up the engagement. One of the easiest ones of these will be Newsletters. Emailers can appealingly showcase the selling point of product/services. The email campaigns can be well monitored with detailed statistics. Further campaigns can be tailored based on email opening rate, clicking of links rate and other engagements.

EMail Campaigns: How to Boost Your Sales

2. Free trial management

The easiest hook for High volume business is the free trial. So, setting the process to make this offering smooth and self-sufficient is critical. So the website landing page for Free trial has to be user-friendly and very easy to opt-in for the trial. 

But getting a signup for free trial is just the tip of the iceberg. Following up digitally where the free trial customer is in the product usage lifecycle is critical for the conversion.

Chart out a detailed digital roadmap for a freemium customer. Plan the interventions and trigger them appropriately. Set up a tight process. Schedule!

3. Branding

Branding is one of the most underrated Digital marketing strategies. Lead generation often replaces branding because it is difficult to measure the branding ROI. But in a High volume business, branding plays a critical role. 

Display ads is one easy way to create thousands of impressions for your product even on a small budget. But don’t expect the engagement to skyrocket. Impressions are just impressions. Our best bet is to be creative enough to create a lasting impression.

Branding - Digital marketing for B2B

In today’s world, there are various options for using the right network for your specific product. You can leverage this for your website visitors as well by retargeting them.

4. Content Marketing

Another must do digital marketing strategy is content marketing. Leave a bread crumbs trail that will lure customer to your selling page. The bread crumbs need to be distinct and useful enough for the customer to catch the bait. It is easier said than done. The only way forward is Content marketing. Leveraging one’s expertise and sharing key insider insights should be good enough to attract clients.

Content Marketing - Digital marketing for B2B
Content Marketing

Even with content marketing, give generously. Showcase your leadership and subject matter expertise. Gain the trust using the content that you share. This is one great way to bring qualified high volume traffic.

5. Customer Advocacy

Good old way of growing business has been the word of mouth. Digital marketing does not mean abandoning old ways. It is embracing the concept in the new age medium.

Customer Advocacy - Digital marketing for B2B

Plan to leverage success stories. Having case studies and customer stories backed by figures will rightly influence a fellow businessman.

Create avenues for referring your product. Incentivize this. According to research, peer endorsement results in more purchases compared to celebrity endorsement. 

Spini Digital

When you are going after High volume business, it is critical to have a support system in place. How do you check if you are equipped to handle the outcome of your campaigns? Or if campaigns need course correction?

Enlist help of experienced digital marketing partners.

Spini Digital approaches every marketing plan keeping in view the overall business goal. Strategies are made only after considering every possible scenario. Our dynamic team has considerable business to business digital marketing expertise. 

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