Geo targeting in todays world is to getting growth in digital marketing. It is the process of targeted people advertisement of a organization when the people are reached under the Geo fencing area  in order to deliver personalized ads.The technique offer the organization to provide related content to the user.For example- Personalisation of a content is the option offered by some of the search engines to search within sites belonging to the country from where we enter.

GEOTargeting in todays world

1.Customize Ads



4.Reach local Area people

5.Increase brand Awareness

6.Return on investment

GEOTargeting in todays world

Customize Ads- The advertisement are targeted to only people who are reached in your area or Geo Fencing Area.

  Affordable-The advertisement can be started with a small campaign and enlarge it by extended its fence range.

   Targeted- The advertisement are only targeted to the peoples interest,likes,behaviour the marketing budget will not be wasted.

   Reach local Area people- Geo fencing will help to reach the potential customer for the advertisement when they reach the geo fencing range.

Increase brand Awareness- People get advertisement when they reach under geo fencing and people get better aware whats the organization offer and where is it located.

Return on investment- Geo targeting is a better way of marketing strategy than any other.The results will be highly profitable.


Demographic and geo graphic data analysis

Marketers should take demoghraphic analysis to select a best area for a new product launch so that potential customer and income will be more.

Demographic and geo graphic data analysis

Location specific keywords

Select a keyword  which are less competitive in meta descryption,meta title or in  meta URL so that the website get ranking Search engines .Adding the location,product name,organisation name will help the customer to find you easily and it will generate more traffic to your websites.

Exclude location where your targeted customer is not present

Decide the location where you want to reach your customer and exclude the location where you don’t want advertisement to be reached. It will save money for your advertisement in marketing budget.

Location specific landing page

Offering relevant content to the people when they needed the most. Show the landing page which should be relate the customer topic so that geo targeting will be more effective . and then customer location can be detected when they visit your website.

Exclude location where your targeted customer is not present

Mobile marketing

In todays millennials world mobile marketing is best way of marketing in which geo targeting can be done easily .Through mobile the advertisement can be reach to the targeted customer easily by the related  product seeking by the customer in shops. It will generate automatically a relevant customer through mobile .

Mobile marketing

Spini Digital obtain valuable information about the customer that allows to detect the location of the customer and based on it, Spini Digital adjust the content in the websites and advertising to offer valuable solution which helps us to achieve greater loyalty towards its customers .. That is  what Our slogan says “SPINI CONNECTS BUYERS WITH SELLER”…