As global business and services widely depend on digital marketing strategies, the number of blogs are also getting bigger day by day. Today each website on the internet carries an accountable number of blog pages not only for giving certain information to the readers but also to help the websites in acquiring traffic effectively.

Now you may have thoughts like how blogs are helping websites? How blogs can drag people to a website?

And can somebody believe that blog plays a major role in creating backlinks to a website?

Yes, all these answerable questions are still anonymous to some of my readers.

Let’s discuss some of the unskippable blogging benefits here.

Interactive blogs

As said earlier blogs play with the feelings of readers and confirm their attention by interactive notes like questioning or making a discussion ambience. One of the major ideologies of content marketing involves such interactive writings and making people spend more time in it. Using simple and interesting words blogs chat with readers and dissolve them in it. This is a psychological strategy to drag readers to the site as well as spend more time in it.

interactive blog

Proper Keyword usages

As you all know, for better website ranking, various keyword stuffing strategies and traffic number are important. These keyword usages are mainly implemented in blogs which increase keyword density in a website, which is a way to traffic flow then search engine ranking. In heading tags (h1,h2 etc.), paragraphs and image(logo) alts it is necessary to stuff keywords in a proper manner.

For example, take some of the blogs close to the Real estate sector like “Nine Vaastu Changes You Can Make for a Gleeful Home”, “Four Simple Ways to Organize Your Home Effectively”, “Seven Ways You Can Organize Your Home Office” we can observe from these headings some keywords like home, home office, vaasthu and the simple words/sentence they used to convey their blog intention. Ans also when we look into their subheadings and contents( paragraphs, images, slides, video, image alt ), everything would be understandable to common readers even without referring a dictionary. Use keyword planner tools to get high ranked keywords and stuff these in proper spaces.

Presence of comment box and blog commenting

Keeping a comment box at the bottom part is meant to create public attention and interactive atmosphere. Some even start to read blogs after scanning some previous comments which are a traffic earning technique. So putting the comment as feedbacks is always readers attracting thing.

Blog commenting means a different arena. For raising backlinks to our website we have to search for other related blogs, comment below with our website URL and when the blog author approves our comment there arises link to our site, backlink. And when the commented link opened by any other person there comes to traffic. Now you would’ve got the idea about why comments and URLs important.

Guest blogging

This title might be a strange one. But in website ranking via backlinks, we can’t escape from guest blogging processes. It’s nothing but finding high ranked blog authors and requesting them to post our blogs in their sites. The high traffic in those guest websites will also have a visit to our blog and then to our sites.


Social media icons and sharing opportunity

It’s common to see some icons depicting facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc. in any part of the page. Such social media representations lead us to this website’s respective pages and they expect you to make some engagements such as like page, follow the page or make connectivity. Also, there will be a sharing option for the site. By sharing the blog the website gets shared and people who got this URL will be the new customers/leads.

social media icons

Now can I suggest one thing based on all the above points, just increase the number of blogs on your website, by doing this the site will acquire many pages and traffic will be higher at the end. In today’s scenario which completely depends on SEO and other digital marketing strategies, we can assure that blogs play a major role in increasing website relevancy and ranking in search engine result page(SERP).