When you start creating or recreating your website, the first thing that comes to your mind is the keywords that you need to include as part of the content strategy. Your sales team is unhappy that you are not able to generate online leads. All because, the moment you stopped running your ads, the leads dropped. You do the mistake of force fitting keywords, assuming that SEO will be taken care. There are techniques to reduce your effort if you knew your industry and target segment very well. In this blog, we will guide you through ways to arrive at your keywords thereby structuring your blogs effectively.

1. Start with your business and the market

These are the words that you use in your business. You customers ask for such products or services from you. It could also be the words which are a brand you are generally associated with or would like to be known for. In short, I would say they are entirely business related.
For, eg, If you plan to work for a keyword for an Eye hospital. Keywords related to your business would be far-sightedness, myopia, contact lens for women, lasik laser treatment and Softlens (Contact lens). If you look at it, we have touched upon industry-specific keywords targeting a typical customer segment in each of the keywords. You could even try placing a competitor keyword in the blog in the form of comparison, and that will always help you come up.

2. Short-tail, Long-tail keywords

Short-tail keywords are generic industry-specific keywords that are unavoidable for any content writer. They are generally high on search volumes but low on click-through rates. Even in the case of Google ads, you use these words for broad match.
For, eg, Laser treatment
There is also mid-tail keyword which is similar to long-tail keywords. The search volume is low for these, but the click-through rates are high.
For, eg, best Lasik treatment hospital in Chennai
Short-tail, Long-tail keywords

3. The keyword for the page

Every page that you create for the website should have a focus keyword and related keywords (LSI). This will improve your chances of coming up on the top during the google search. How do you go about these?
You have to finalize the keyword that you look forward to on a particular page. That will help the search engine understand the importance of the page.
For eg, The focus keyword for a particular page of the eye hospital could be “Lasik Treatment in Chennai.” The LSI could be Lasik treatment hospitals in Chennai, Best Lasik treatment doctors, Lasik treatment in Chennai reviews, Best doctors for Lasik Treatment.
The keyword for the page

4. What is your target segment thinking?

You should always put yourself in customer’s shoes and think of long or short tail keywords that they would be using. Based on the type of the customer that would go through the following phase before taking a decision.
– The like to understand the process/method / best way to do things etc
For, eg, When should I do Lasik laser treatment?
What are the side-effects of Lasik treatment?
Your website should have content for both of them to come up on the top during the search.
– They look for various offers, prices and best services offered
For, eg, What is the price of Lasik treatment in Chennai?
– Then there are keywords which could lead to a transaction.
For, eg, Booking an appointment for an eye checkup
Appointment for Lasik eye treatment.
If you can apply some of the above concepts when you work on your website/blog depending on the type of Industry you are targeting, the website SEO score will go up, and you will start getting better visitors who will spend time on your website. Leverage the same technique when you plan to run Google Adwords for better results.