Social media is now a substitute to old medium like newspapers and television in promoting digital marketing. Social media eases connectivity with new clients.

Digital and Social Media Marketing – An Overview

Below is the role of Social Media in Digital Marketing.

1.Marketing Strategies

Social media is the best medium to be connected with people these days and plays a vital role in marketing.

Marketing Strategies

2.Quick Problem Resolvement

Social media provides a strong base of instant connectivity and provision to respond instantaneously. Tweets and statuses indicate if any issue has been arrived and you can take necessary measures to sort it out for better customer satisfaction.

Quick Problem Resolvement

3.More Sales

Social media helps to project your firm well in front of customers, which will enhance business that might eventually increase the sales increment.

More sales


Social media is readily available and hassle free to use and helps in targeting audience, achieve reports, connects with customers, solve their issues, reply on their feedback, and make enhancements and lot more.

5.Leads to Conversion

Every post you share in social media tends to turn lead conversions. So the more attractive your post is in terms of graphics, you get more leads for business. This will be beneficial in increasing the conversion rate.

Leads to Conversion

Social Media Trends

Social media latest trends needs to be adapted as per demanding trends to meet the rising marketing needs of business. Here, let us consider the social media trends and their expected impact in the succeeding year 2019.

1.Messaging will grow more

Messaging mediums are supposed to dominate in 2019 as it serves as the instant mode of connection between any two people. Messaging apps like Whatsapp, Messenger, and Viber play a crucial role in the messaging market and go a step ahead by providing additional features like stories and news updates for better customer interaction.

Messaging will grow more

2.Higher Engagement Rates Between Brands & Customers

There is a premonition that one of out of every three valuable customers would specify a brand while sharing personal achievement in social media. Statistics reveal 41 % of members would specify a brand just to say thanks.

Higher Engagement Rates Between Brands & Customers

3.Customizable Chatbots

Chatbots are designed to cater n number of customer service questions.

On Facebook Messenger alone, there are more than 100,000 chatbots in use to gather information, give product info and take actual orders.

Sprout Social created Bot Builder for automation conversion workflows. This can be integrated with Twitter or Facebook instantly.

Customizable Chatbots

4.More Augmented-Reality And Face Filters

Instagram claims its most popular face filter was dog-ears when compared to Snapchat. However, something interesting about two face filters is their advertising feature.

Snapchat allows advertisers to use custom build face filters for all of its users over a period. However, the price tag for these custom face filter ads can be multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars for a short stint on Snapchat.

More Augmented-Reality And Face Filters

Instagram could be next in line to offer brands the chance to get users to interact with their custom built face filter. With the newest iPhone X using facial recognition and augmented reality technology, social media networks are likely the first to dive into the trend.

In conclusion, no business can afford to stay away from digital marketing. You may choose to incorporate many of the above strategies, but aim of helping a customer is critical for success.

Today’s customer is well aware of any veiled sales tactics. So, the only way out is genuinely trying to help a prospective customer. If your product does not fit, feel free to put it across in a positive way.

They are sure to remember you for that. Eventually, they might return back to you. Digital marketing with customer focus is a easy success formula.