Hey, if you are a regular Google user you would have practised with SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and SEM(Search Engine Marketing) whenever you browse things.

Could you see in most searches the top of the result page will show some links with a green coloured ad text in a rectangle(paid search)and below some links(organic) without this green ad?

And when get into a website you may welcome with or irritated with some display ads(paid ads).

Let’s start with the question of what is SEO.

Search Engine Optimisation(SEO)looks forward to getting a high rank in the  SERP which then leads more traffic to the website and make greater branding for the business entity. This organic method is quite a time consuming one but has a strong output for long if maintained well.


Then what is On-page SEO

The prime functionality of on-page SEO lies with websites and their content optimizations. It significantly works on the areas where people interact with the website and search engine interfaces. And it is a manual process which is controllable by S

EO specialists and can see results instantly.

on page SEO

For Example, Content optimization, Heading tags, Meta title and meta description, keyword analysis and usages, Images and Logo designs, URL structure, site loading time and the list go on.

Now, anybody familiar with Off-page SEO?

This mode of SEO meant to energize the ranking factor of the website in SERP which is the back end process and the result not in manual control as on-page.

Off page SEO

Off-page is crucial in building backlinks for a website. Backlinks are links from other websites to a website. Increased level of backlinks will create more traffic to the website also greater domain authority.

Some of the link building technique include directory submissions, social bookmarking, business listing, blog commenting, guest blogging, link exchanging and so on.

It is time to talk about the paid search tactics, SEM.

SEM-Search Engine Marketing is an alternative of SEO which pays some amount to the search engine for placing a website at visible places of SERP.


Same as SEO it also aims to get a better ranking position within SERP but only difference lies on the payment system. To survive in today’s competitive market place and to get more impressions by people within a short period of time we are made to do some SEM tactics collaborating with SEO contents and keyword optimization techniques.

How SEM works?

Google AdWords or google ads is the platform for creating and publishing ads for SEM. Based on keywords we have to set a bid value for this ad and placement in the SERP will then set up by Google considering the ad relevancy, bidding value and quality score. PPC-Pay Per Click is one of the strategies of paid ads in which the ad owner has to make some payments for a click to Google. Search ads and Display ads adopt PPC sometimes. And video and shopping ads are the rest in google ads.

what does Adsense play in SEM ?

Adsense is a Google Program which is one of the ways of earning money online or monetization of the website. Youtube channel and websites approved with Adsense can allow ads of other websites and apply CPC (cost per click) tactics. People when clicks on the published ads or subscribed any channel through your site(publisher) you will get paid by Adsense. This payment is a certain percentage of money paid by the advertiser(whose ad on your site) to the Google Adword.


Let’s now consider the hand on hand role play of SEM and SEM in Search engines along with some top contrasting objective leads to the same output, ie. as we all know both works for attaining better ranking in google. Paid search gives instant result and organic strategy takes time but gives a strong result.

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