While a lot of us content writers like to click the “publish” button as soon as we are done with a blog, a lot of professionals should realize that publishing is only one step that is involved in the process. You need to promote your blog content effectively for it to have any sort of reach. And without this effective methodology that you would like to incorporate to promote your blog posts to increase their reach and visibility, the work that you put in to write them and get them published all goes to waste. 

In this article, there are many steps that are discussed, and which you can implement to successfully promote your blogs. However, unlike the creativeness involved in content writing, these methods are more of step-wise sort of actions. You can follow the four steps mentioned in this blog to get the maximum out of the content that you have created.

Make Your Content More Visual

It is a widely renowned fact that you need to have strong visuals to effectively reach out to the reader. Visual content makes your articles have a very good readability factor. In this era of strong visual content being created, you need to do away with adding random stock images, and/or just including text. You should be including the following things in each and every blog post of yours:


Always go With Visual Content to Make Your Articles More Interesting.


  • A featured image that is wholly relevant to the content.
  • Additional images that support all the subheadings you should be having in your content.
  • You can also try adding a moving image, or an animated image like GIFs, Embedded Videos, Memes, and et cetera.

Allow Your Content to be Found

Search Engine Optimization practices change very frequently, as do the algorithms that influence them. However, some methods for gaining the recognition and the visibility of your content will never change. If you are familiar with WordPress, you must be knowing that in each blog content that you publish, before doing so, you would have to identify a target keyword. When you do this, you must also be able to identify several other keywords that are related to them. Additionally, you should also search on Google for the types of content that are related to your content, and you should be able to run search terms for the types of content that are already ranking high on the search engine.

Meta Description

This is an example of a meta-description.


Another key factor involved in effectively promoting your blog is to come up with a relevant and wholly simple meta description. Meta descriptions must be short, and they are shown under the links that you search for. Usually, meta descriptions contain keywords that are present in the first paragraph of the blog, and they are usually the most used words involved in a blog. Hence, you must be able to identify such keywords that are one, wholly relevant to the blog post, and two are being searched by a lot of people. If you do that, your blog’s ranking will improve considerably.

Search Engine Basics

Promote it on Social Media

Social Media is made for the sharing of content, either original or the sharing of links. But what happens when a lot of content is shared is that you need to be original with every share you make across various social media platforms. You need to have a clear-cut strategy for when you share your blog content over a lot of social media platforms. For one, it makes sense to have a separate budget for the paid reach on these social media channels that you know are most used by your target audience. You need to identify your target audience, though and that is a separate process altogether.

Social Media Promotions

Social Media Promotions is a key factor involved in the reach of your blog.


Also, you should be looking to tailor separate kinds of posts for different networks. By doing this, you are not being monotonous, and are creating original content even when you share. Another thing that you should be doing is to build relationships with influencers who will be able to promote your blogs effectively. Influencers are people who have already established themselves in the digital marketing arena, and hence, if you get in touch with them, your blog articles will get a wider reach.

Finally, the most important thing that you can do is to organically share your blog links on online groups, communities, and forums which are relevant to the subject area that you cover in your blogs and this will help you create a proper presence online.

Five Good Link Building Techniques

Promote it via EMail

Similar to Social Media channels that you promote your blog content on, email content promotion is also an effective platform. But unlike how email promotions worked in the previous decade, you have to be more thoughtful with your approach with your email campaign execution.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing helps to gain a wide reach of an audience for your blogs!


It is a great idea to use an RSS-to-email feature to automate all of your blog deliveries. This means that everytime you upload a blog, people who have subscribed for this RSS feed will get a notification almost immediately. You should also divide your subscriber list, analyze them, and send out these new articles only to people who might find your new article relevant.

Building Links Via Images

In email campaigns, you need to write attention-grabbing lines, and use A/B test to optimize. Attention-grabbing lines and titles will help your blogs have a far more reach. Your work doesn’t stop here, however. Your email formatting should be clean, easy to understand and also mobile friendly. Over the past decade, smartphones have dominated the market, and a lot of users seem to be using smartphones. Hence, your emails should be formatted separately for desktop users and for mobile users.


We hope you have found this article an interesting read. Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below. Stay tuned for more interesting content!