Networking and digital marketing are now at the forefront of any business growth. A strong network of entrepreneurs, investors, marketers, etc. could provide you with indispensable growth opportunities. A sales intelligence company drives more qualified leads. If you are unfamiliar with digital marketing, a reputed company which provides digital marketing services would optimize your marketing cost and drive more prospects. Though online groups and communities have grown popular, it’s still no match for a face-to-face meeting.

 Listed below are 10 of the most happening Networking and Marketing events across PAN India.

1.FRO Expo

Location: Chennai                                                                            Date: Dec 7-8

This is India’s premier and most trusted business expo. Investors, entrepreneurs, sales intelligence and marketing organizations from a spectrum of industries will share their experience and their accomplished business ideas on unparalleled seminar sessions.

  • Learn industry tricks from tycoons
  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Build your sales funnel

Some of the key speakers who will share their experience and insights include

  1. Akshay Hedge- MD- Shakedeal
  2. Ankit Prasad- Founder and CEO- Bobble.AI
  3. Richa Natarajan- Director- Unitus Capital
  4. Paavan Nanda- Co-founder- WinZo Games
  5. Amisha Jain- CEO- Zivame.

2.Ad: Tech 

Location: Mumbai                                                                             Date: November 13-14

Ad: Tech is a two-day conference where the conflation of marketing, technology, and media come together to discuss existing sales intelligence and digital marketing trends, industry challenges, and future strategies. Recognized as the Home of Industry shaping advertising and marketing technology, it is held globally across 7cities. The key takeaways from this tech innovation event will include:

  • Discovering the latest trends and technology
  • Strong Networking in your niche
  • Multisensory Brand Experiences
  • Future creative strategies

Key speakers

  1. Rishad Tobaccowala- Chief Growth Officer and Member of Management committee- Publicis Groupe
  2. Suresh Balaji- Regional Head of Marketing, the Asia Pacific- HSBC Bank
  3. Shashi Seth- Senior Vice President- Oracle Corporation Worldwide

The 2018 New Delhi Show registered a footfall of over 5294 delegates with a diverse mix of 24% C-level/Founder/MD, 30% Business Heads, and 35% Managers.

3.GEMBA Connect

Location: Chennai                                                                             September 2019

Spinircle, a company which offers sales intelligence and digital marketing services has partnered with GEMBA to launch GEMBA connect- a privately held event. It is too a theme-based event which is held every month with last month’s theme being “Transforming Human Capital with the Micro-learning pedagogy”.  

<Click here for invite>

This “invite-only” event offers:

  • A targeted approach
  • A Qualified audience
  • A great opportunity to build your network and referrals.

This event garners in several big companies as its participants with a nurtured audience of senior executives to top management. Some highlights of this event covers:

  • Keynote sessions with highly interesting topics for leaders.
  • Sponsor video clips.
  • Keynote speaking/panel discussion
  • A networking dinner

4.The Marketing Conclave

Location: Mumbai                                                                             Date: Sep 13

A conclave where experts from the sales intelligence and marketing fraternity will be gathered under a single roof and spread their knowledge, discuss and dissect existent and future marketing trends and converse on the five important marketing aspects

  • Data                
  • Content                   
  • Marketing Technology
  • AI                    
  • AR and VR

A lot of noteworthy speakers are scheduled to speak at this global event including:

  1. Arvind AP- Director, Marketing and Communications- Mcdonalds
  2. Deepali Naair- Director, Marketing- IBM
  3. Manish Maheshwari- CEO, Twitter
  4. Sunder Madakshira- Head, Marketing- Adobe
  5. Vivek Bhargava- CEO- Dentsu Aegis Network


Location: New Delhi                                                                         Date: Oct 16-17

You will be inspired, challenged and transformed with thought provoking and bold speeches from the dexterous speakers in the marketing industry. Whether it’s increasing traffic, providing a sales intelligence, brand awareness or improving your customer service this is one summit which you shouldn’t miss. The session will focus prominently on many topics including

  • Digital strategy
  • Mobile marketing and retargeting
  • Targeting and optimization
  • Data science and big data
  • Web Analytics and A/B testing

Some of the keynote speakers include:

  1. David Elkins- Head of Content Review- Zoho CRM
  2. Gladys Kong- Chief Executive Officer- Uber Media
  3. Luke Summerfield- Partner Services- HubSpot
  4. Nate Smith- Senior Product Marketing Manager-Adobe
  5. Bryan Kramer-President & CEO, PureMatter

6.Small Enterprise SME Technology Conclave

Location: Bangalore                                                                         Date: Sep 17

Managing a small business is not a simple feat; it has its own set of challenges to overcome. Elevate your business growth and customer engagement by networking effectively with similar entrepreneurs who have faced similar challenges in various aspects such as sales intelligence, marketing or audience engagement etc. and won them over.

7.ET Brand Equity Brand World Summit

Location: Mumbai                                                                             Date: Sep 26

With new brands being created every day it is instrumental to form creative strategies in sales intelligence and marketing to reach more audiences. This global summit will deliberate current trends and strategies which brands incorporate to increase their customer engagement. By involving the brands and leaders from multiple industries, the conclave will drive cross-cultural brand credibility. The covered topics will focus on

  • How brands are building a narrative around a cause
  • A new kind of brand ambassador
  • The role of traditional media in the digital age.
  • The role of AI in enabling personalization and automation   
  • Integrated marketing approach

The keynote speakers represent the top-level executives in their organization with rich and diverse experience. They include

  1. Arlene Mendoza Tablan- Regional Marketing Director for Southeast and South Asia, AkzoNobel Decorative Coatings
  2. Aseem Puri- VP, Global Marketing & Business, Unilever International
  3. Dilen Gandhi- Sr Director (Marketing), Foods Category, PepsiCo India
  4. Sameer Satpathy- CE, Personal Care Products Business, ITC Ltd
  5. Sapna Chadha- Director of Marketing, Southeast Asia & India, Google

8.CII International Brand Summit

Location: Chennai                                                                             Date: Sep 20-21

Organizations deal with customers of different generations. Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z, millennials, etc. each generation with their distinct interests, preferences, and behaviors. One strategy for all techniques wouldn’t work with these kinds of audiences. It is crucial to find out the preferences of every generation and optimize the sales intelligence and marketing strategy depending on your target audience.

CII summit is a theme-based global summit with this year theme being “Building Brands across Generations

Some of the keynote speakers include

  1. Ajay Vidhyasagar- Asia Pacific Regional DirectorYouTube
  2. Bhaskar Bhat- Managing DirectorThe Titan Co Ltd
  3. Prakash Balasubramaniam- Vice President & Global 
                                                        Delivery HeadCognizant Interactive
  4. Tarun Katial- Chief Executive OfficerZee5 India
  5. Sanjay Behl- Chief Executive OfficerRaymond Ltd

9.Business and Franchise Expo

Location: Chennai                                                                            Date: Sep 21-22

This expo is going to be a one-stop solution for all your business requirements whether it’s requiring sales intelligence or marketing strategies and solutions. It’s a platform to explore a wide range of business opportunities that would give budding investors and aspiring entrepreneurs to commence their own business.


  • A diverse range of franchise under a single roof
  • Direct connection with the brand owners.

10.NASSCOM Product Enclave

Location: Bangalore                                                                         Date: Nov 5-6

There is immense value in the innovative creation of new products that could usher in the next wave of digital transformation. The theme of this year’s conclave is focused on core strategies to transform the country’s robust product eco-system.

There is a 10x growth challenge at NPC which comprises

  • Scale@speed
  • Deep tech- the frontrunner
  • Vertical expertise
  • The Ecosystem- what’s up ahead.

Several industry experts and influencers from different platforms including sales intelligence and marketing will imbue their key strategies and create a growth platform for aspiring entrepreneurs and product developers.

  1. Alok Goel- CEO-
  2. Anil Jaggia- CIO-HDFCBank
  3. Anindo Roy- VP, Media Engineering- Yahoo
  4. Dhanya Rajendran- Managing Editor @ The News Minute
  5. Mark Daiss- Co-Founder at ThumbsUp labs

A network of leaders is invaluable. Attend these events to build a strong network in your niche and accelerate your business growth.

Looking to build a strong digital presence, increase the number of qualified leads through sales intelligence and drive more revenue to your business with digital marketing? We can help you across all these critical segments. Reach out to us!