Mobile App marketing is unique, as an immediate alternative is always available, and the cost of retaining a customer is very high.

As an entrepreneur, you get into the world of mobile Apps with many aspirations. Unlike other products, mobile app marketing is not straight forward. The complexity lies in the fact that there are events beyond the control of the marketer.

  1. Making a user download the App
  2. Not letting the user delete the App owing to memory or performance issues
  3. Pushing the user to open the app every day
  4. Make a purchase in the App
  5. Finally, if the user uninstalls, they got to be reinstalled.

If you understand your users, it will be easier for you to arrive at a plan to run your marketing campaign to acquire users. At Spini, we take a systematic approach to marketing your Apps. We focus on the key factors that are important for your business growth:

  • Cost of downloading an App
  • Cost of acquiring a user (if it involves sign-up or critical activities like profile completion)
  • Daily active user
  • Cost of acquiring a paid customer

The process is not straight forward. We at Spini prefer to look at it from a very strategic point of view. It involves building awareness, generating interest, supporting them with decision making, and finally, a campaign for the customer to act on.

As a new player in the market, you should be having your own set of alpha/ beta users. This marketing plan is beyond the phase of all these users.

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Let’s start with the basics. Creating a mobile-friendly website and social media pages would be the first step. Inviting known contacts to the social media pages (LinkedIn Company page, Facebook business page, Twitter) would be the first step. It’s also a good idea to create a Google business page. 

Social media campaigns and Google Ad campaigns during this phase should focus more on spreading the brand. 

Mobile App Awareness


When your customers start researching you, the first thing that they look for the review of the product. Play store reviews, Google company page review, reviews on Social media pages are some of the areas that need attention. Customers also check out for answers or experience on Quora. As an App owner, you should be actively responding to customer queries on all social platforms. Research says that at least 4 out of 10 customers check for App reviews before they download.

App Interest


We get interested in a product when someone starts talking about it. That’s right! This is the time when your Beta users should start giving out testimonials. Their experience on the product, it’s performance, and how it saved them time or money. That’s key for any new user adoption. Influencer marketing is plus, and impact is very high with YouTube/ Instagram/ TikTok influencers. Reach out to bloggers to write about the App or perhaps have them review the App. According to one study by Nelson, 92% of their respondents reacted positively when a close friend referred an App. Mobile Apps like Uber, Zomato, and GPay have grown on referral marketing, thereby reducing their cost of acquiring a customer.

App Decision


We are in the era of cash backs, discount codes, and coupons. Customers act on ads that show prices slashed or discounts. As an App marketer, this is one way to bring in downloads and introduce customers to your App. It is crucial to look at the customers from their lifetime value. 

App Action

Any user goes through this journey, and it is important that as a company, you create multiple touch-points for users to interact with the App or the brand. 

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